Initial Inquiry

The first step in the “Enrollment Process” is sending us an INITIAL INQUIRY that lets us know that you are interested in the program and provides us with your contact information and the name of at least one “qualified work” (a play, libretto, lyric and/or musical composition that has been produced, published, and/or recorded by a third party) that you are considering for inclusion in a bequest to the DG or to one of its related non-profit companies. This step does not bind you or encumber your work in any way.




Your initial inquiry will be processed and you will then be called by a DG©M administrator who will address all of your questions about our services while learning more about you and your work, and any other works you may be considering for a bequest, as well. This personal connection is essential to the DG©M’s process.



Application and Board Review

After the introductory conversation, the administrator will send you a personalized application for your review.  If you decide to proceed with your application to the DGCM, simply submit this application via the provided link.  Within 10 days  your application along with supporting materials will be presented to the Board for consideration. The Board will assess whether the work noted in your application is qualified for enrollment and can be managed effectively by the DGCM.  Recall that the DG©M accepts the applicant, not just the work.  Accordingly, once accepted into the DG©M, you are welcome to onboard any number of works.




Once your work has been approved by the Board, you will be begin the formal Enrollment process.  Enrollment involves review of your will or codicil to ensure that the language contained therein will effectively transfer ownership of your property and ensure management by the DGCM.  During this time you will have access to staff attorneys who are are able to speak with your personal attorney and provide you with model language (link) so as to ensure that the work is properly transferred. Once your final will has been executed and recevied by the DGCM for our files, your work will be fully "enrolled" and listed as part of the DGCM catelog online, alongside our esteemed clientele.

[NOTE: Please remember that THE DG©M IS NOT YOUR ATTORNEY and is not offering you legal advice. We are simply offering business advice about the process for enrolling your work in our program. You can refer to our ATTORNEY RESOURCES to help you find Trusts & Estates attorneys licensed in your jurisdiction.]




During or after the enrollment process you will be asked to begin the on-boarding process for each work that has been accepted and for each work which you wish to enroll. The on-boarding process may be the most laborious part of your enrollment, but it is the information that will allow us to effectively manage your work and ensure that your authorial intent is understood and enforced.  Part of this process may also involve you sending us copies of certain documents and contracts.  You might wish to have your attorney, agent or other representative help you gather the necessary information. You can always contact our staff for assistance .


By engaging in this process and enrolling your work in the DG©M program, you will continue on as a DG member after your passing, and the Guild will then be able to protect your authorial legacy, with the Guild Council exercising all of your authorial approvals, and the revenues generated by your work going to serve the interests of dramatists thereafter.

So, thank you for considering the DG©M. Estate planning and copyright management by playwrights, for playwrights.