Even after the inquiry, intake, property registration and onboarding process, you may ultimately decide to leave your work to some other party. So, after enrollment is completed, your work will be under the DG©M’s active management ONLY when the copyrights are finally and properly transferred under your will to the Guild, or to one of its related non-profits. Upon the successful transfer of ownership, a “DG Estate Membership” will be established in your name, with the new copyright owner designated as your estate representative for the purposes of managing the enrolled work. The work will then become an active part of our CATALOGUE of managed works to be listed on our website with all the necessary licensing information.

As to our specific management activities, while they will always vary from work to work, the DG©M will generally engage in the following sorts of activities:

If a work is published:

  • Evaluate all grants of rights in the work (including grants to publishers/music publishers/performances rights societies/agents/producers), and exercise termination rights where needed;

  • Work with agents/publishers to seek and evaluate offers and opportunities;

  • Act as authorial proxy in exercising all authorial approvals;

  • Include and promote the work in all our marketing materials, including our online catalogue;

  • Track all revenues due the copyright owner and make all required 3rd party payments; and

  • Conduct such audits as may be necessary, from time to time.

If a work is unpublished and unrepresented:

In addition to the above activities (as may be applicable), the DG©M will also

  • Exercise unexploited rights in the work, to the extent possible;

  • Register with performing rights societies (e.g., ASCAP, BMI,SESAC), as needed; and

  • Seek other publishers, music publishers, and licensing agents to represent the work.